During the pandemic, Pastor Cyril Johnston and I met with the deacons of the church to propose a system where we could offer our worship services live on Facebook and recorded replays on YouTube. This system would be especially useful during periods of time when the church had to stop in-person worship due to COVID protocall. Following this meeting, I was directed to obtain estimates for installing such a system. I contacted a reputable company near Huntington, Creative Audio/Visual Group, to obtain technical guidance and cost estimates. Creative installed the outstanding system at the First United Methodist Church across the street. I informed Creative of what my/our requirements would be for the system and they provided an estimate that could be amended depending on how elaborate a system we eventually would receive congregational approval for.
Another meeting was held with the deacons and the layout and cost of the system was discussed. The most desirable system was approved, which included three fully remote controlled high definition cameras located at three prime locations around the sanctuary. Additional lighting was also approved that would be necessary for proper television illumination. During a quarterly church business meeting, the entire project was presented to the congregation for approval. We received full approval during this meeting to proceed with the purchase and installation of the equipment.
Once the many boxes of equipment arrived, Ransom Hackett, Drew Daugherty and myself began running camera cables throughout the building and mounting the cameras to the wall in the sanctuary. Amanda and I also started assembling tables in the balcony area to hold the equipment. Relocating the existing audio equipment came next, followed by setting up of the new video equipment and computers. A few weeks later, Creative Audio/Visual Group arrived at the church to run cables for the new spot lights and to ceiling mount the equipment. They also connected other cables and began the process of getting all the video equipment up and running. Test live-streaming and recording began. All necessary adjustments were made. We were extremely pleased to present out first official live stream of our worship service on Facebook, on Easter Morning, 2021. A recording was also made for YouTube viewing later that day.
A basic run-down of out equipment consists of three PTZ Optics high definition remote controlled cameras, a joystick controller for the cameras, a Blackmagic video switcher, a AJA HELO live streaming/recording interface, HP graphics computer, three high output LED spotlights, remote control for the spotlights, a Peavy audio console.
My experience and work history includes: electrical engineering in the radio and television broadcast industry, on-air operations in radio and TV, chief bench technician at a video production facility and assistant chief engineer with a radio station owned by United Broadcasting Corp.
Our tech team consists of Amanda Norment (video/cameras), Scarlett Schaub (video/cameras), Ray Berger (audio), and myself (crew chief).

AJA HELO video streamer/controller

PTZ Optics remote controlled HD camera

Camera controller

Getting the balcony ready

Table for video equipment

Getting things set up

Drew pulling cables for the cameras

Running cables in the basement ceiling

More camera cables snake their way into the kitchen ceiling!

Drew runs camera cable conduit

A camera gets mounted

Firing things up for the first time!

Three very nice cameras up and running

Creative Group lending a hand

Installing a spotlight

Amanda running the show during worship

Amanda hard at work picking shots!

The Blackmagic video mixer/switcher

The Peavy audio board

Getting ready for the B.O.L.D. concert

Scarlett and Amanda during worship

Scarlett and Amanda…two very good tech crew members!

Scarlett doing what she does best!

Scarlett working video during the Soundwaves show

Ray Berger running sound